M. BINKOVITZ SONS, Inc., and General Olive Oil Corporation, Libelants-Appellees, v. THE MANUEL ARNUS and Compania Trasatlantica Espanola, Claimant-Respondent-Appellant. J.H. ROSSBACH BROS., Inc., Specialty Confectioners’ Bakers’ Supply Company, Inc., and H.L. Sherer, doing business under the Trade-Name and Style of Yarritu Castile Soap Importing Co., Libelants-Appellees, v. THE MANUEL ARNUS, her Engines, Boilers, etc., Compania Trasatlantica, Claimant-Appellant.

Nos. 144, 145.Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit.
December 16, 1935.

Appeal from the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

Hunt, Hill Betts, of New York City (John W. Crandall and Frank J. Zito, both of New York City, of counsel), for The Manuel Arnus and appellant Compania Trasatlantica.

Hill Rivkins, of New York City (Robert E. Hill and Barton P. Ferris, both of New York City, of counsel), for appellees M. Binkovitz Sons, Inc., and General Olive Oil Corporation.

Bigham, Englar, Jones Houston, of New York City (Alfred Ogden, of New York City, of counsel), for appellees J.H. Rossbach Bros., Inc., and others.

Before MANTON, AUGUSTUS N. HAND, and CHASE, Circuit Judges.


Decrees (10 F. Supp. 729) affirmed.